IT Tips: Maintenance and Support

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Equipment Maintenance

  • Ensure your staff knows who to call for equipment maintenance and software support. Prominently display the equipment model/serial number, software license data, and vendor company name, phone number, and contact person. Attach a label containing the relevant information to the PCs, terminals, printers, diagnostic equipment, phone systems, alarm systems, and similar equipment.

Critical IT Information

  • Maintain a central log for critical day-to-day IT information. Include access information for key dealership computers, lists of authorized dealership staff, LAN IP addresses, and telephone contact information for equipment maintenance and computer application support.

Software Licensing

  • Ensure you retain licensing information for computer programs purchased for individual dealership PCs. Annually audit the software installed on all dealership computers and verify that corresponding licensing agreements exist. If there are any discrepancies, contact the company that sold the software to resolve the issues.

Relationships with Support Providers

  • Encourage your staff to develop a good working relationship with the people who provide your IT support. Try to arrange it so you are working with a particular support group all the time.