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Memorial Fund With gifts to the Charitable Foundation’s Memorial Fund, dealers and dealer associations remember deceased friends, family members and industry associates who made contributions to the retail auto and truck industry.



Donor Honoree
Mr. Conrad V. Aschenbach Ramsay H. Gillman
Mrs. Tracy Barnard  
Mr. Peter E. Blackstock  
Mr. William H. Bradshaw  
Mr. Robert A. Bressi  
Mr. Henry F. Coffeen, III  
Mr. David Conant  
Mr. Richard O. Davis  
Mr. Milton S. Greeson, Jr.  
Mr. Jeffrey L. Haas  
Mr. Bryan Hardeman  
Mr. Clay F. Holcomb  
Mr. Paul J. Holloway, Jr.  
Mr. Steven K. Lust  
Mrs. Marcy H. Maguire  
Mr. Jay Marks  
National Automobile Dealers Association  
Mr. Gary H. Reynolds  
Mr. Ronald Rosner  
Mr. Mark Smith  
Mrs. Annette Sykora  
Mr. Ron B. Tonkin  
Mr. John E. Voss  
Ms. Valery Voyles Singleton  
Mr. James A. Willingham  
Donor Honoree
Mr. Peter Blackstock Rosemay P. "Roney" Mallon
Mr. William H. Bradshaw
Mr. Robert C. Byers
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Cavanaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Conrad
Ms. Mary J. Emerson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Fuson
Vincent A. Hanson
Mr. Don Hermanson
Mr. Paul J. Holloway, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Kelleher
Ms. M. Colleen Kelleher  
Mrs. Dora C. King
Mr. Shau-wai Lam
Mr. Steven K. Lust
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Maguire
Mr. John P. McEleney
Mr. Warren J. McEleney
Ms. Ellen Nader-Clark
National Automobile Dealers Association
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Penske
Puget Sound Automobile Dealers Association
Janet and Max Ramble
Mr. Gary H. Reynolds
Mr. Mark A. Rush
Mr. Timothy J. Smith
Mr. Gene W. Smith, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Strauss
Mrs. Annette Sykora
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Symes
Mr. and Mrs. Ron B. Tonkin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walker
Mr. Harold B. Wells, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Wharton, Sr.
Mr. James W. Will
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Willey
Mr. James A. Willingham
Mrs. Julie A. Woulfe
Donor Honoree
Iowa Automobile Dealers Association Harry R. McMullen
Donor Honoree
Iowa Automobile Dealers Association Lyle R. Nesselroad
Donor Honoree
Mr. Lloyd Brown E. N. "Ev" Roe
Ms. Joan W. Davis  
Mr. Richard E. Goble  
Mr. Brian C. Hamilton  
Mr. R. Lee Janssen  
Mr. Bernard E. Sawyer  
Ms. Marlene Thelen  
Ms. Jolene M. Wojcik  

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