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Brand  Dealers 2013 Sales
Buick 2,076 205,661
Cadillac 931 182,659
Chevrolet     3,035 1,955,131
GMC 1,745 451,996
GM logo 
GM, Detroit, MI 300 Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI 48265
Mary Barra Mary Barra
Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Hill Stephen Hill
North America Vice President, U.S. Sales and Service
Timothy Mahoney Timothy Mahoney
Chief Marketing Officer, Global Chevrolet, and Global GM Marketing Operations Leader
Everett M. “Tim” Turvey Everett M. “Tim” Turvey
North American Vice President, Customer Care and Aftersales
Alan Batey Alan Batey 
Executive Vice President and President, General Motors North America
William Peffer William Peffer Jr.
U.S. Vice President, Cadillac Sales and Service
    Duncan Aldred Duncan Aldred
U.S. Vice President, Buick/GMC Sales, Service and Marketing
Brian Sweeney Brian Sweeney 
U.S. Vice President, Chevrolet Sales, Service and Marketing
Alicia Boler-Davis Alicia Boler-Davis
Vice President, Global Quality, and U.S. Vice President, Customer Experience
    Kurt McNeil Kurt McNeil
U.S. Vice President, U.S. Sales Support
Edward Peper Edward Peper
U.S. Vice President, Fleet and Commercial Sales
Mark Scarpelli Mark Scarpelli
NADA Franchise RepGM Company
Raymond Chevrolet-Kia
Antioch, IL
David Westcott David Westcott
NADA Franchise Rep–GM at Large
Westcott Automotive
Burlington, NC
Lynn H. Thompson Lynn H. Thompson
Thompson Sales Company
Springfield, MO
John C. Symes
NADA Franchise RepCadillac
Symes Automotive Group
Pasadena, CA
Brian Hamilton Brian Hamilton
NADA Franchise Rep–Chevrolet
Midway Chevrolet-Cadillac-Buick-Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep
Kearney, NE

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