Ford Motor Company

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Number of dealers:  3,117 Ford / 917 Lincoln
2013 sales:  2,379,629 Ford / 78,381 Lincoln
 Ford logo
Ford, Dearborn, MI One American Road
World Headquarters
Dearborn, MI 48126
William Clay Ford Jr. William Clay Ford Jr.
Executive Chairman
Alan Mulally Alan Mulally
President and CEO
Mark Fields Mark Fields
Chief Operating Officer
Joe Hinrichs Joe Hinrichs
President of the Americas
Jim Farley Jim Farley 
Executive Vice President, Global Marketing, Sales, Service, and Lincoln
Bernard Silverstone Bernard Silverstone
Chairman and CEO, Ford Credit
    John Felice John Felice 
Vice President, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service
Frederiek Toney Frederiek Toney 
Vice President, Global Ford Customer Service Division
Elena Ford Elena Ford
Vice President, Global Dealer and Consumer Experience
    Dave Mondragon Dave Mondragon
Director, U.S. Sales
Chantel Lenard Chantel Lenard
Director, U.S. Marketing
Matt VanDyke Matt VanDyke
Director, Global Lincoln
    Eric Guenther Eric Guenther
Ford and Lincoln Dealer Relations Manager
Beau Smith
Ford Dealer Council Chair
Sill-Terhar Motors Broomfield, CO
Bill Knight Bill Knight
Lincoln Dealer Council Chair
Bill Knight Lincoln
Tulsa, OK
    Ted Russell Ted Russell
NADA Franchise Rep-Ford Motor Co.
Ted Russell Ford, Inc.
Knoxville, TN 
Jack Kain Jack Kain
NADA Franchise Rep-Ford-Ad Hoc
Jack Kain Ford
Versailles, KY  
Charles Gilchrist Charles Gilchrist
NADA Franchise Rep-Lincoln-Ford
Southwest Ford, Inc.
Weatherford, TX 

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