Buy Now Campaign Web Ads

There are four versions of the "Best Time to Buy" Web site ads, in five different sizes (in pixels): 800x125, 728x90, 468x60, 300x250, and 160x600. All are JPEG files, and they range in size from 20KB to 70KB.

Click, right-click or shift-click the images below and use "Save Picture As," "Save Target As" or similar to save the ads on your computer.

800x125 (.jpg) 
800x125 v1
800x125 v2
800x125 v3
800x125 v4

728x90 (.jpg)
728x90 V1 
728x90 V2 
728x90 v3 
728x90 v4 

468x60 (.jpg)
468x60 v1 
468x60 v2 
468x60 v3 
468x60 v4 

300x250 (.jpg)
300x250 v1  300x250 v3
300x250 v2  300x250 v4

160x600 (.jpg)
160x600 v1  160x600 v2  160x600 v3  160x600 v4 

* To save the files to your computer, click, right-click or shift-click the images and select "Save Picture As," "Save Target As," or similar, depending on your operating system, browser and other settings.